Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Topshop Top Picks

After all of this beautiful weather we've been having, you can picture my disappointment when I drew back the curtains this morning to a sky impregnated with clouds, suppressing the glorious sun. Of course, my summer wardrobe doesn't know what's hit it recently, I can't even remember the last time I wore a pair or jeans or long sleeves; I just hope the presence of the lurking storm clouds won't home themselves here! So since the sun doesn't look like it will be making an appearance anytime soon today, I thought, what a perfect blogging occasion!
After roaming the Topshop website, I instantly fell for many a pieces of clothing as per usual, so I decided to choose a couple of my favourites for my first Top Picks post.

I love how the top and skirt of this dress are partitioned by the blue band belt to create a softer contrast between the elegance of the lace and the harsher toning of the colour block pleated skirt. As the colours of this garment are both heavier and darker, I would be more likely to wear this dress during winter with a pair of black heeled wedge ankle boots and a black biker jacket. However, if I were to wear this throughout the summer months, I would team it with a pair of nude heels whilst accessorizing with a coordinating nude hair bow.

Being a huge lover of the popular Topshop lace trim ankle socks, I wasn't too surprised that these adorable pom pom socks would feature in this post. By acting as a companion to how I style lace trim socks, I would wear these with Vans and Converse for a casual, everyday look. I would love to try out these socks with an otherwise unconditional monochrome outfit, as the nature of the black and white would adapt socks, converting them into appearing as subtle, despite the heavy tone of black, allowing the tiny amount of colour of the pom poms to attract all attention.

I am yet to own one of these cami's, they are simply wonderful! Similarly to a fair lot of Topshop's clothing, these camis range in many-a-colours, my favourite being this pastel blue, as the pale colouring would comply with any pattern and the majority of much brighter colours. During the day, for a more casual, toned down look, I'd team this cami with a pair of patterned denim shorts or skinny jeans. A pair printed with bold green stripes springs to mind! However, for a smarter look, I would team with a patterned maxi or tube skirt, perhaps one of a floral attire, to create a more dignified look. I would also add a flower crown to construct a more fantasy-like look.

I've been absolutely loving these moto shorts for a while now, they just appear so beauteous and fairy-like. I'm a big fan of tie dye, and lace effect is my absolute favourite above all trends this season, as it adds so much daintiness and femininity to the garment. I would definitely team this with the above blue strappy cami, some lace trim Topshop socks and a flower crown to result in adding to the fairy-like look, in addition to a pair Vans in order to harden up the look without doing so too much.

Funnily enough, I'm currently sat typing this in the pale blue version of this top, exactly the same in fact, and I love it! This pale pink identic is absolutely adorable and I'm still loving the timeless lace theme going on this summer. I would team this top in the equivalent way to my blue one which includes either skinny Jeans or a plain tube skirt. To construct a more casual tone, I would style with Converse or Vans, yet for a more sophisticated appearance, I would style with coloured wedges.

This floral print tube skirt appears to be absolutely spot on for a summer night's party, especially in this weather! I love how the almost random bursts of pink and blue creates an almost hectic scene to depict the perfect party piece. To portray the party look, I would definitely team this skirt with a plain, loose fitting crop top, most likely in black, to comply with the black splashes of colour representing the floral side to this number. I would then team this with either pink or blue wedges to correspond with the outbursts of colour in the piece.

What do you like these items of clothing? How would you style them?

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Style Crush: Jade Thirlwall (Little Mix)

Since starting my blog, I've been pondering over other ways in which I can make it less repetitive and more interesting to you, as readers, instead of just constantly blogging outfit posts. After an extensive think through and some research, I listed a few ideas including style crushes, monthly favourites and top picks, which will feature in future posts. I particularly love exploring celebrity's style, so I thought I'd begin with one of my biggest celebrity style crushes.

                                (1)                   (2)                      (3)                        (4)

Ever since their arrival to The X Factor in 2011, I instantly fell in love with all four of Little Mix's Style. Although it's not just what Jade chooses to wear which I love about her style personally, but it's the way that she's more adventurous with the clothes she wears, yet she still manages to pull off every look, by styling each outfit impeccably. I absolutely adore how she accessorizes with different hair bows, contributing towards a more innocent, youthful look.

(1) I love how Jade's kept the accessories to a minimum here, letting the striking polka dot pattern of the dress with the correspondingly prominent bow do all the talking for her. I also love how both the lace up boots and the bow are white, therefore harmonizing in colour with the white spots overlaying the blue dress.

(2) With the SS13 trends supplying plenty of monochrome, this outfit look is completely in this season.I love how the soft shapes of the heart contrast against the harsh colour of the black, creating, again, a more innocent, humble look. To add to this, she has contradicted the subtlety of the hearts with her imperious choice of footwear.

(3) Here, Jade's elected another monochrome dress which I yet again adore. The cap sleeve style dress emits a less sophisticated look, as well as the monochrome frilly socks which mind a more childlike look, making this outfit perfect for day wear. I do have to say that I am not the biggest fan of creepers, but I do like how Jade's choice in the baby pink colour correlates with the shade of the bow and how they contrast with the defiant shapes of the zigzag/aztec print dress.

(4) I would say that this outfit is the most blasé of all four shown above, perhaps because the lengthy midi skirt adds sophistication to the urban street style effect if the crop top. I love the two piece trend at the moment and Jade really pulls it off here with this Mickey Mouse inspired look.

Love Her Look? ...Steal Her Style! - Jade Thirlwall

Blue Polka Dot Dress - Missguided
Rihanna White Mesh Perspex Heel Boots - Boohoo
Lace Trim Ankle Socks - Topshop

Abigail 3/4 Sleeve Heart Printed Playsuit - Boohoo
Studded Pink Bow Hair Clip - Claire's Accessories
Aztec Monochrome T-Shirt Dress - River Island
Red Polka Dot Crop Top - Topshop
Red Polka Dot Midi Skirt - Topshop
Black Suede Peep Toe Wedge Platform Boots - Spy Love Buy

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

White Lace

For this post, I thought I'd share with you what I wore to my school's presentation evening. As I opened the invitation and read over the words "smart dress code - no jeans", you can probably imagine my rush of enthusiasm to replace my usual casual wear to a 'smarter outfit' for the evening. Though my next thoughts were of course "what am I going to wear?"

Being a huge fan of this years crop top trend, when I caught sight of this classic feminine lace tee, I just had to buy it! The majority of crop tops on the highstreet, I find to be for more of a casual-beach wear kind of occasion, but this timeless full lace effect pivots this number into a more classy, elegant affair. I love how the back of the tee lacks in lining, allowing the pattern of the vintage style lace to dominate attention as the white contrasts against the skin, declaring the design of the lace to be identified from a distance. As for my choice of colour, after reading and identifying white as an ample SS13 colour trend, I declared that my wardrobe could not miss out on homing a garment of a colour so pure, yet brave.

Typically, as soon as I tried on this top, I knew exactly what I would match it with to create an elegant chick feel. I wasn't quite feeling courageous enough to aim for the full 'pure white' trend, so I decided to elect for a skirt with a splash more colour and pattern to add a segment of excitement to the outfit. 

I've had this skater skirt in my possession for a year or so now and usually team it with a plain, yet coloured vest for casual day wear, so I liked the idea of a change from it's usual appearance. It's highwaisted nature meant that the top of the skirt grazed against the bottom of the tee, ensuring that no skin was shown, for a classy, appropriate and opulent effect. I opted for pink wedges to give me some more height as well as to add a factor of sophistication to the outfit. Accessory wise, I chose to wear a dainty chain necklace, as I didn't want anything too chunky as I did not want to exaggerate the outfit anymore. I chose to overlook any bracelets, as the ones I had put on earlier had caught in the lace, so I decided to play it safe and not cause any hitches.