Saturday, 26 October 2013

Outfit Post: Kaleidoscope Skater Skirt

Outfit posts aren't my favourite to blog about, but I think it's about time for my first autumn OOTD. I picked up this gorgeous skater skirt yesterday in the USC sale for an absolute bargain of £3, and completely fell head over heals in love with it, so of course I just had to show you!

Besides the perceptible £3 price tag suspended from the hook of the hanger, the thing which I think drew me to this skirt was the amount of power that the colour had over the garment, as well as how vividly it wrought with the pattern, creating an abstract attire. I do love how the colours almost blend into eachother as they overlap, demonstrating an array of colours from the same pallet and how, even the dark colours seem to appear in soft tones, which then contrasts against the jagged points of the geometric, kaleidoscope shapes.
Quite often, I find that skater skirts are too flared around the back. However this one is a perfect fit and not too flared at all! I find the elastic waist band practical in the way that I can roll it down, as I've done here to alter the length.

I've teamed this with a plain salmon coloured sleeveless blouse, so as not to mix and clash patterns. I also thought that the shade of the colour would complement the colours used in the skirt. These black cutout ankle boots from New Look are my favourite pieces of footwear at the moment. The heels are enough to give you some extra height, yet they're still appropriate and comfortable to be spending the day in them. This purple biker jacket was another USC £3 bargain which I brought a few months ago. The colour has started to fade quite soon, but I find that it goes with most outfits and is suitable in a way of practicality.

Sleeveless Button Up Blouse - New Look
Purple Biker Jacket - USC
Cutout Ankle Boots - New Look

Friday, 11 October 2013

Style Crush: Selena Gomez

I haven't been posting much recently, but now that I've settled into college, I will be posting more again. It is difficult when I don't get home till gone seven o'clock most days, but I'm determined to blog more again! Whilst racking my brains for what to blog next, I realised that it must be time for another style crush. I've always liked Selena Gomez's cool and casual chic kind of style, so here's a few of my Selena Gomez style favourites!

Swing cami tops were a huge trend this summer, and are still embellishing the shop shelves now for AW. With a whole colour spectrum of shades to chose from, I love how Selena's elected the classic colour of the SS13 season, white, presenting a pure and angelic appearance. I adore how Selena's toned down the outfit to a very casual attire by pairing this cami with a pair of frayed hem shorts. The simple metal bar flip flops also add to the casual look, making the look perfect for a day at the beach. The choice of her lack in accessories works really well by revolving a centre of attention around the long dream catcher necklace, this piece being the only form of pattern in the outfit. In these Autumn months, I would add some coloured knit tights with chunky heeled boots as well as a chunky knit cardigan in order to adjust to a practical autumn style.

Crochet was, and still is, another huge trend to break through the shop doors this year. It's simply a form of knitwear which isn't so thick and warm, making the garment perfect for mild weather. Differently to knitted jumpers, I do like how crochet tops have a natural pattern within them, that varies between each individual top, depending on how the garment is crocheted. I love how Selena has opted for a top which clashes trends, in he way that it is both cropped and has a scalloped style hem. In the way of styling, I do like how Selena's teamed her crochet top with some charcoal jeans. I recently purchased a pair from the New Look petite section and I pretty much live in them - I just love how they fade into the lighter grey around the mid thigh in a much toned down ombré way. At this point in the year, I would add a leather biker jacket, for both warmth and the effect of an edgier style, which would contrast against the innocent appearance of the crochet top.

The final image, on the far left, shows Selena at the 2012 KCA's in America, wearing a floral print bralet with a bead embellished skater skirt. I love how she's carefully paired two patterned items together, by choosing a bralet with a very faint colour change in the pattern, to ensure that it is subtle and does not stand out or clash with the bold skirt in any way. Skater skirts are still a magnificent trend for AW13 and this bead embellished number is absolutely gorgeous! I love how the silver and gold colours are blocked in an orderly fashion, making the skirt look elegant and sophisticated which contrasts hugely against the large beads we would associate with a child's piece of clothing. The black and silver checked belt finished off the outfit perfectly, as it adds a tiny element of the gothic style.

Love Her Look? ...Steal Her Style! - Selena Gomez

6) Bead Embellished Skater Skirt - Zara