Saturday, 14 September 2013

Floral Peplum

So it's come back around to that time of year again, the dreaded words: Back. To. School. I've just survived my first week of A Levels at college, and I actually love it! I've already met so many lovely people! Here's another post on something else which I wore one evening whilst on holiday in Majorca. It's more of a summer outfit, but I think you could get away with it in these early Autumn stages.

When shops first started hanging peplums all over the clothes racks last year, I have to admit that I wasn't too overly keen on them. 'Why would you want to wear something that makes your hips look wider than they are?' I would always ask myself. But then more and more people started to wear the peplum style garments and they became a major AW12 trend, before continuing to popularly grace the trends of SS13. Spying more people wearing the craze made me realise that there was more to these peplums than making your hips appear wider. Their clinging, waist cinching nature defines a sophisticated silhouette which screams femininity.

After spending a good while in New Look, umming and arging over my favourite creation out of oodles of different peplums of all colours and patterns, I finally fell for this lightly coloured floral one. I absolutely love the SS13 floral trend, so it was no wonder why I chose to purchase this one! The pastel colours work together really well, appearing subtly, meaning that you can team it with a variety of other designs.

I decided to team this peplum with this bodycon skirt to ensure that I attempted to achieve that feminine silhouette, as well as the fact the that the bold stripes contrast harshly against the dainty pastel floral print. Being in Majorca, I didn't actually wear the jacket, but I thought that it went so well with this outfit, that I just had to include it. It's cropped design means that the hem of the jacket just grazes across the seam where the top meets the peplum, giving the peplum a more structured attire. I brought this purple biker jacket in the USC sale  for £3, and I cannot fault it! Finally, I love this rucksack; it's size makes it perfect for a day at the beach!

What are your thoughts on peplums? What do you team them with?

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