Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Pretty Little Thing Sale

Have you got the January blues? What's a better way to beat them than treating yourself to a sale shopping spree? Here's a quick post featuring my favourites from the Pretty Little Thing January sale.
1) Grey Embroidered Sweater - was £26, now £18
If you've read a fair few of my other posts, you've probably gathered how much I love stocking up on jumpers for the winter. At half price, I love this casual grey sweater and how the lace embroidery neckline transforms it from a typical lazy day sweater to one holding a slight elegance, making it perfect for spending a day out with the friends. I would team this with a white peter pan collar to keep it subtle, with a pair of black skinny jeans and ankle boots in order to continue the monochromatic theme in the sweater.

2) Leather Sleeve Peplum Jacket - was £30, now £15
This statement jacket hits sophistication with rebellion as the figure hugging shape of the peplum contrasts against the urban edge of the faux leather sleeves. I like how this jacket is kept as plain without any embellishment or colour, bringing all of the focus to the shaping of the garment and the faux leather. Being a fairly controversial jacket, this would go with pretty much anything!

3) Blue Tartan Skort - was £20, now £5
I recently purchased a skort and I love it, so with tartan being a top trend this season, I adore this one! I think the thing I like most is the practicality of the shorts in under the front 'skirt'. That, and others questioning confusedly whether it is infact a pair of shorts or a skirt I am wearing and witnessing their further confused faces when I simply reply with 'both!' I would team this one with a plain croptop, most likely a black attire, in order to not clash any patterns.

4) Aztec Print Bodycon Skirt - was £15, now £10
Aztec print is still one of my favourite clothing trends, so of course I adore this skirt! After being battled out of the trends last year by the skater skirt, tube skirts like these are striking a comeback! I love how the colour red is used slightly riskily in this garment in order to break up the monochrome appearance, as well as how the one diamond shape is used in different ways to create a fairly complex pattern. In order to avoid clashing any prints, I'd team this with a plain cropped cami to keep the look fresh.

Have you bargained much in the sales this year? How would you style these items?

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