Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

With Mothers Day nearly upon us (30th March), I thought I'd put together a few gift ideas which are perfect for the occasion - and all within a reasonable price too!

1) Lush 'Bunty Pink' Bath Gift Set - In my opinion, you can never go wrong with some bath goodies, and this box from Lush appears to be great for a mothers day prezzie! Already wrapped, it contains four bath fizzers: The Comforter; a Creamy Candle Bubble Bar; a Thick Pink bath bomb; the sweet and fruity Space Girl bath bomb.

2) Cath Kidston Assorted Mugs - Who isn't a fan of Cath Kidston these days? Not many people, that's for sure! Cath Kidston have some adorable designs, and these four work a treat together; they're 100% china too.

3) Marc Jacobs - Daisy - This perfume in particular often catches my eye when strolling down the perfume aisle in Boots. It's something about the thick glass bottle and the pretty daisies decorating the rich gold lid and the fresh, floral, yet slightly sweet scent that makes this perfume stand out so much.

The Body Shop - Mango Shower, Scrub and Moisture set - I actually received this exact set for my birthday  last year from a friend and I loved it! The scent was just gorgeous and worked really well with making my skin softer - definitely great for a mothers day gift!

Me To You Figurine - A couple of times before, my brother and I have given one of these Me To You, Tatty Teddy figurines to our mum and they do decorate the shelves nicely. They're extremely cute and there is a wide range to chose from too.


  1. daisy is one of my favourite perfumes - it's so perfect for the spring!! great gift guide! :)