Saturday, 5 April 2014

Pretty Little Thing Summer-Time Outifit

With the chance to become a VIP blogger, Pretty Little Thing are currently running a competition in which the aim is to blog about your favourite outfit on their site, But that is not all. You will also gain the chance to style your own shoot as well as win the outfit which you blog about.

I do like to participate in these occurrences, simply because these choose-some-clothes-and-state-why-you-love-them posts are my favourite and are enjoyable to write. But hey! You never know what the chances are of winning either!

So here's a summer-y outfit consisting of a few things I quite like the look of.

Aztec Embellished Mint Skirt - I think I'll forever be a huge fan of aztec print, so there's really no surprise that I picked this skirt to feature as the central focus in this chosen attire. The minty emerald pigment alongside the pure white makes this a perfect holiday piece for the summer as it practically screams romantic beach walk, whilst the embellished gold sequins sparkle charisma, glamour and elegance. The A-line style works a sweatshop treat as it forms a structure to tune in with the Aztec design.

Black Mesh Shell Crop Top - Mesh is in full swing of being a significant trend for SS14, and I have to admit that I am a little head over heals for this dainty crop top. The shell panel adds an intriguing effect to the whole attire as the monochromatic scale of the metallic lines forming the shell shapes produces a subtle, yet eye catching effect. I think that this top would go perfectly with the skirt as they create a sophisticated look whilst the cropped style of the top keeps it carefree and youthful.

Silver Jelly Shoes - To be completely honest, never in a million years did I expect to be blogging about a pair of jelly shoes, but here I am, doing exactly that! Who would have thought it?! They were my childhood summer favourites, and are now extremely tempting to propose to for a re-appearance back into my wardrobe. This silver pair in particular match perfectly with the romantic appeal of the skirt, whilst the small, practical heal adds a tiny touch of refinement.

Heart Stud Earrings - What's an outfit without a pair of earrings? Incomplete, I say. Studs are great for those times when you don't want to over-do it, and want the actual clothing to do the talking, and these heart ones are perfect for exactly that. The gold edges add detail to the shapes, permitting them a strong, rich appeal.

Gold Bracelet Cuff - Gold and green are two colours which I find work immensely well together, so I feel that this cuff finishes off the outfit perfectly. The aztec-like cutout detailing harmonizes beautifully against the aztec focus of the skirt.

How would you style these individual items? And good luck to all entering the Pretty Little Thing VIP Blogger competition!

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