Sunday, 21 December 2014

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

With less than a week to go until the big day, you're probably mostly done with your Christmas shopping. But no matter how prepared you think you are, there's always that one person you weren't expecting to receive from, or one person you just could not find anything suitable for, despite how hard you looked. Or maybe you just haven't started yet. Here's my quick selection of Christmas gift ideas for the last minute shopper.

1) Wheat Cat - New Look
What could be more perfect than a microwaveable heat up teddybear to help embrace the current long winter nights? With a soft faux fur outer layer, this wonder comes in an owl design too.

2) The Night Before Christmas Bath Products - Lush
You can't really go wrong with the Lush gift sets, and this one seems perfect for a Christmas treat. At a reasonable price, the set contains three festive bathfizzers: Christmas Eve; Father Christmas; Twilight.

3) Floral Print String Lights - Urban Outfitters
Strung fairy lights are such a simple way to add a touch of homeliness to any room, delicately forming a warm glow and feminine touch.

4) Hook a Duck Bath Game - Debenhams
This bath edition of the funfair game ultimately must make any bath more entertaining. It can be used in a bowl for some family post-Christmas dinner games too!

5) Why You Can Go Out Dressed Like That (book) - Urban Outfitters
Perfect for the Fashion lover, this books explores the wildest and most controversial designs created in the world of fashion, and, exactly why you can go out dressed like that!

6) Tabletop Football - Debenhams
Lively and competitive, this tabletop football is bound to allow hours of fun! The tabletop factor makes it small and easily portable too!

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