Monday, 16 February 2015

Collection: Carolina Herrera AW15 - Water

Day 5 of NYFW and the expected elegance of Carolina Herrera was a collection I was definitely keeping my eyes peeled for. The pinnacle of Herrera's inspiration for her AW15 accumulation rippled from water as she explored the massive variations of movement that the element can undertake. A pallet of an array of blues dominated the collection as it harmonised with trickles of white, silver and grey.

Organic brushes of swirls portrayed an ever-so graceful movement of the water as the prints embellished beautiful floorlength gowns made of light materials which gently billowed in agreement as the models swept across the runway. Cinched in at the waist, the full gowns emphasized that sophisticated, feminine silhouette.

Cocoon sleeves contributed to the show as their structured appearance symbolised that of a rolling wave. They were matched with juxtaposing prints as contorting lines of madness juxtaposed those of an undulating flow.

Embellishments of mirrors and feathers featured as droplets of water creating contrasting surface textures, yet both depicting the welcoming fragility of the ocean. The mirrors create a smooth, reflective surface, painting the image of water glistening in the warm sunlight whereas the soft texture of the feathers could also reflect more of the textures beneath the water, such as coral, as it sways peacefully in the current of the tide.

Asymmetric ruffles of heavier fabrics create a more dramatic interpretation of the water as out of control waves are subtly conveyed. The layering of ruffles is imbalanced, forming an irregular movement and, furthermore, displaying the element of variation in water.

What were your thoughts on Carolina Herrera's AW15 collection?

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