Sunday, 24 May 2015

Pinterest Summer Inspo

Bright and radiant, the sun is glistening off the flat surface of the tranquil sea, warm and calming as the ripples of water lap around your ankles and - oh. I can hope though, right?
In actual fact, the sun is not shining, but is cast behind a blanket of grey cloud. The rain pitter patters, pitter patters against the window. The darkly toned sea remains choppy and certainly not warm! So whilst we're still captured in such awfully un-May-like weather, I can't yet bring myself to crack open the summer wardrobe, but rather lusting over summer style on Pinterest. I've gotten so into pinning atm and you can follow my Pinterest here.

So timeless and pretty, crochet and lace tops will always be a summer favourite of mine. I love the boho vibes of this waistcoat and the so on-trend swish and swirl of the tassels. The animal prints are made to look so much more mature and chic in their monochrome, silhouette form, and I love the loose fitting of kimonos and cotton shorts - so perfect for summer temperatures! I really want to try some patterned trousers this year, but it's so difficult when they make short legs look even shorter than ever.

There's one thing I can never get enough of for summer: florals. There's so many different shapes, forms, colours and prints, they can't possibly ever get boring! Intricate cut outs are a current favourite of mine and I love the delicacy of the forms in this hem. I am yet to purchase a white blouse, but they're so versatile and light, so perfect for summer as they'll naturally team well with any printed skirt, trousers or shorts.

What will you be loving this summer?


  1. i love all of those outfits!

    from helen at

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