Monday, 1 September 2014

Neon Pink Pop

Hello (or should I say bonjour) from the south of France where I'm currently chilling on the balcony of the villa that we're staying in after just heading out to dinner. Yesterday, we spent the day on the beach where I opted to wear my favourite playsuit from

Playsuits are just so comfortable and practical (okay, besides those I need to strip in order to go to the toilet moments) and so easy to style without having the trouble of searching for the perfect top to pair it with. I'm still completely loving Aztec print alongside the monochrome trend, and let's not forget to mention the fact that pink is my favourite colour, there's no wonder I fell for this at first sight! I love the brightness of the neon pink and how it breaks up the moodyness of the monochrome, adding that summer touch.

I decided to team this with my super comfortable jelly shoes from New Look - they're practically the definition of beach perfection.

Have you been sporting the all-in-one trend this summer? How have you been wearing it?

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