Saturday, 14 December 2013

Clothes Show Live 2013

Fashion, beauty and celebrities combined together once again to host the 25th Clothes Show Live at the NEC in Birmingham.
Britain and Ireland's Next Top Models on the catwalk
This year was my third year attending the clothes show, so even though I already knew what to expect, that didn't prevent me from leaving the NEC a little overwhelmed and on an utter fashion high! Being the last day of the exhibition, we managed to bag a whole load of bargains and final day reductions.

Graduate's designs being modeled down the Diet Coke Image Catwalk
During our visit, we enjoyed a thirty minute long seminar presented by professionals in the fashion industry. I found it very interesting to learn about the pros and cons of working in the industry and hearing the speakers' advice about getting a career in fashion as well as their own experiences of how they got where they are today. I was also happy to know that this years seminar was led by different people and focused on a different topic as opposed to last years, meaning that we didn't sit through the same talk.
In the 'Fashion Village' hall
The halls which the stands, stalls and small scale catwalks are in are colour coded, making it easy to navigate yourself around the show. There is plenty to see and do in each section and something for anyone, no matter what your taste in fashion is.

Firstly we wandered around the beauty section, where there were lots of well-worth-it goodybags. I bagged myself a £10 Barry M goodybag worth over £50 as well as a  Mint London one for also £10. I also picked up a Elle goodybag for £2 with 2 issues of the mag along side a nail varnish and eye liner as well as a Company/Cosmopolitan one for £1 which included one of each of the mags with a few bits and bobs which were a bit random, including tooth paste and a mini toilet roll (..?). There were plenty more stalls with plenty more offers, including Models Own and Rimmel London with Rimmels' infamous telephone box photo booth.
The Rimmel London make up stand with the Telephone box photo booth
We then watched the graduate catwalk on the Diet Coke Image stage which I found rather inspiring. All sorts of shapes, patterns and colours were modeled down the stage, my particular favourite being a pink and black playsuit due to its beautiful print and unique shape.
More graduates' designs being modeled down the Diet Coke Image Catwalk
Moving along the halls, we ambled around the stalls selling street style type clothing. There were so many lovely clothes even if it did seem a bit repetitive from time to time.

Interestingly, the next coloured area was full of university stands, giving out leaflets and booklets with information about the university. Next to it, was the food area where we devoured a delicious tray of strawberries and marshmallows coated in a choice of milk or white chocolate from the chocolate fountains.

We also got close to Dan Osborne and Kirk Norcross, both from TOWIE...

Beginning to feel a bit weighed down with shopping, we then wandered through the area lined with boutique type stalls; they all looked so pretty! In this same area was the catwalk featuring the gorgeous Britain and Ireland's Next Top Models. I particularly enjoyed this catwalk as they exhibited a wide range of garments with seven themes, varying from disco numbers to garden party garments...

Finally, we attended the ALCATEL fashion theatre performance, presented by Henry Holland and Becca Dudley, which consisted of a huge dance show showcasing the latest fashion. Tartan, sequins and crops owned the stage, so be sure to expect them to stay on the high street for a while. As the theme of the show changes each year, I was intrigued to know how this years "Weekend in the Country" would be performed. Even though it didn't quite beat last years theme, the dances were all fantastic and with seven different scenes the numerous outfits worn were magnificent. But of course it all ended far too soon! Here are some pictures from the ALCATEL Fashion Theatre...

All of my purchases and goodybag goodies from the show

Did you go to Clothes Show Live? What was your favourite feature? And if you haven't been before, I would strongly recommend it!

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