Monday, 30 December 2013

Hair How To: Plait Detail Donut

At last! The time of year we've all been waiting for - the party season. Whether it be a festive family meal or a friendly gathering to welcome in the new year, we often find ourselves bored of sporting the same hair style over and over again. So for a slightly different post to my usually fashion specific ones, here's one of my favourite up-do's in some easy to follow steps.

I find it easiest to style a donut bun on second day hair, as it's then not as slippery and holds firmer. The day before, I simply washed and dried it, otherwise leaving it completely natural.

 Firstly, push the hair back into a ponytail. I always place it high up on the head, but the style works in any place.

 Then place a donut at the top of the ponytail. You can buy these from most highstreet shops. They come in different sizes where you should chose one based on the length and thickness of your hair. As I have reasonably long and thick hair, I use one of the bigger ones.

The next step works easiest if you tip your head forwards so that the donut sits pointing directly upwards. Spread the hear over the donut, making sure to cover the whole accessory. Then place a hair band over the donut to secure the hair over the donut.

Take the pieces of hair not shaping over the donut and split them into to, dividing down the centre. Plait each side and use hair spray to secure the ends.

In turn, wind the plaits around the outside of the bun in opposing directions and use plain hair slides to secure into place. Using your fingers, tease the plaits out a bit so that they don't cling underneath the donut.

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